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We welcomed our newest warrior - Ethan Sloan - into our family one month early, on June 29th. Things took a bad turn when he was diagnosed with a rare heart defect shortly after birth and had to be flown to one of our countries top hospitals for Cardiac Care. He underwent Heart Surgery on July 12th and has since been able to come home. 

He is currently on Oxygen to help his little body while he continues to recover. Our family is trying to get life back to whatever our new normal will look like, which for me, will include working on business as time allows. 

A re-opening will be coming, I just don't have a set date yet as we are still settling into life at home and trying to maneuver the care our little Heart Warrior requires. 

Stay tuned to find out when we will re-open and what fun things we will have in store! Feel free to join our Facebook VIP Group to get sneak peeks, updates and for a chance to win some free Warrior Gear.