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One Year ago the visual doors to Mighty Warrior Designs opened. I must admit, at that point I had no idea what direction my shop would take me. I thought the idea of creating some items, selling shirts and watching my creations come to live with little ones wearing them would be neat. 

Little did I know the adventure that was waiting. You always have your typical bumps to get over when you start something new. Between shipping problems, creating items and what felt like dozens of other hurdles, I am still grateful for the patient moms who stuck with me and helped me thrive. 

Our First Slouchy Beanie Release - Mustard Yellow

Once I got the hang of things a little more, my family decided to move across the country, which meant packing everything up, loading up a U-Haul and pulling all of our belongings - including my shop - 26 hours to a place we had never been to before but would now be calling home. We settled, set up shop and figured things would be great.

Until Canada Post went through their possible shut down, leaving me with the hard decision if I need to close down shop for a while - which I ended up doing because I did not want customers packages lost who-knows-where for who-knows-how-long. Eventually things got figured out and shop opened back up. Hurray, simple as that.

Right. Our family was hit a major incident a few months later which shook us to the core and put everything else on pause. Once we knew that life would be different for quite a while, shop slowly opened back up while we settled into a new "normal". 

Meanwhile, you guys have purchased, shared, supported and made this adventure so worth it. It has not been easy at all, but looking back, it's been a year of growth and this adventure has probably turned me into a better, more hardworking wife, mom and person in general.

Thank you! For a year of supporting my adventure. For helping my families dreams come true and for allowing me to share my love of creating with you.



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  • Melissa on

    Please let us know an update of how your little one is doing!

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